Scan Home Employee Carl Propes
Carl Propes
Company Owner and Founder
33 Years
Manages all aspects of the company; in the office nearly every day; loves bringing quality contemporary furnishings to Alaska
Scan Home Employee Erik Morse
Erik Morse
IT Supervisor
21 Years
In charge of everything electronic - computers; hardware; software; phone system; door counters; security services; website; etc.
Scan Home Employee Doug Wright
Doug Wright
Service Manager
19 Years
Performs all aspects of warehouse and delivery work; magician of services and furniture repairs.
Scan Home Employee Voni
Order and Office Assistant
15 years (part-time) Years
Keeps us in stock on our best sellers; Spots sales trends; Review and analyzes vendor performance. Masquerades as a singer-songwriter by night.
Scan Home Employee Marc Giampaoli
Marc Giampaoli
Manager, Scan Basics
20 years Years
Supervises personnel at Scan Basics; sets store goals; buying; transfers; store display; bids and proposals; client satisfaction. Trained In-depth training as an Ergonomics Specialist. Tallest person @SH.
Scan Home Employee Rey Hidalgo
Rey Hidalgo
14 Years
Knows where everything is in the warehouse; In charge of unloading, racking stock, packing ship-outs, and picking inventory for delivery
Scan Home Employee Jackie Morin
Jackie Morin
Manager, Scan Home
12 Years
Supervises personnel at Scan Home; sets store goals; buying; transfers; store display; customer satisfaction
Scan Home Employee Jason Forrester
Jason Forrester
Asst. Warehouse Manager
18 Years
Supervises warehouse work in manager's absence. Receiving, Inventory, Delivery prep and scheduling. Also IT assistant.
Scan Home Employee Richard Lyall
Richard Lyall
Warehouse Manager
4 Years
Supervises personnel at the warehouse, deliveries, transfers and customer service
Scan Home Employee Sam Croker
Sam Croker
Delivery Team
1 Years
Makes sure that all deliveries and transfers are performed without a hitch and with white glove service
Scan Home Employee Jim Hall
Jim Hall
Delivery Team
.5 Years
Delivery Team lead.
Scan Home Employee Amanda Seierup
Amanda Seierup
Scan Basics Sales Consultant
Motivated and up-and-coming sales professional at Scan Basics; always positive and cheerful attitude
Scan Home Employee Ernest, Scan Home
Ernest, Scan Home
The New Guy