Arkitema Architects designs village-like student housing complex

Comprising seven tower blocks, Uptown Nørrebro will offer housing for students and guest lecturers, as well as incorporating a convenience store, small commercial leases and cafés. The demand for housing is quite high in Denmark’s capital, which is growing by 1,000 inhabitants per month.

Each of the seven tower blocks has a floor plan, with each floor measuring 20 by 20 metres and housing 11 student apartments. On some floors, a few apartments are omitted to make space for communal areas. With just less than 30,000 square metres of floor area, Uptown Nørrebro’s  features will include a 29-storey tower.

This high-rise tower, which will stand 96 metres tall, will consist mainly of larger student apartments aimed at PhD students, guest lecturers, couples and students with small families. Some of the homes in the tower are designed to be flexible shared apartments that can accommodate groups.

According to the architects, the tower will fit Copenhagen’s style, with slim towers and spires. Blending in with the rest of Copenhagen’s skyline, it will symbolise the student residential area around Mimersparken (the public park) and Nørrebro train station. Uptown Nørrebro offers the opportunity of inviting both Copenhageners and tourists to view the city from the highest publically accessible viewing platform, on the 29th floor of the tower.

Uptown Nørrebro puts a special focus on being socially sustainable. The architecture creates student residences that support diversity and a sense of community among students.

‘Architecture sets the framework for how we interact with each other. We are very affected by our surroundings, and so can use these to promote our chosen lifestyle in our cities. With Uptown Nørrebro, we want to create a space that evolves positively with the people living in the complex,’ said Dorthe Keis, architect and partner at Arkitema Architects.

All seven tower blocks are connected on the ground floor, which consists of entrances to the student apartments, a parking area and commercial leases, so giving the building the appearance of one cohesive block.

The whole complex is designed to offer the maximum sunlight and open aspect to its surroundings and inhabitants. Communal areas, including a study room, are strategically placed within the complex, supporting social contact among students. On the first floor, there is access to a large communal courtyard.

Uptown Nørrebro is set to be finished in 2017.